Привод came a3000a схема подключения

привод came a3000a схема подключения
One common complaint, however, is the lack of a selfie screen on the a6300. Sony missed a big opportunity by not including a built-in way for vloggers to view themselves while on camera. When you re-open the Play Memories app on your iPhone, the camera should automatically connect and present you with the mobile viewfinder features as pictured below. And it’s especially convenient and fun if you happen to have an old device lying around to make it a permanent add-on. Be sure to check out Jeff’s recent walkthrough for more details on Sony’s a6300. The phone rests in the mount, which extends on springs to accommodate various smartphone sizes.

You have to connect like this each time you want to use the iPhone viewfinder feature, but you can speed things up a bit by adding a custom key on the camera for quick access to Smart Remote Embedded app that is usually hidden away in Menu. The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac The hardware | To begin, you’ll need a way to mount your iPhone to your camera. I opted for a hot shoe mount and tried a couple at varying price points. For casual vlogging and those testing the waters, I’d begin with this $5 option, as it provides the most bang for your buck as long as you’re careful. You’ll probably want to opt for a sturdier mount if you’re doing any sort of action shots. Sony notes this as a “useful function to shoot yourself with the camera,” aka selfie monitoring. Sony’s a6300 is one of the Japanese company’s most recently released cameras and is the successor to the very popular a6000. The camera has already received a ton of praise — Jeff took it for a test drive the other week, and enjoyed its 4K shooting abilities.

This particular mount doesn’t hold the device snug enough to prevent the phone from falling out if hit with a significant amount of force. You can use this setup anywhere you go as long as the devices are within close proximity of one another. The options found on the app mirror many of the options you’ll find on your camera. Depending on what shooting mode you’re in — auto, manual, video, etc — you’ll be able to monitor and adjust main camera settings like ISO, aperture, zoom and more.

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