Схема маркер planet eclipse etha

схема маркер planet eclipse etha
Has been buying, selling and trading new and used paintball equipment since 2006. We offer a safe and secure place to trade or sell your paintball gear, and have the largest selection of used paintball guns in the world. The Etek 4AM sells for $699 and features an all metal frame. Entry Level they are not. We understand that not every player has the budget for markers at that level.

The regulator is flexible to handle a variety of tank output pressures. It is reliable and really serves to boost the gun’s performance. It doesn’t matter if your tank’s pressure is high or low, the regulator will still function as designed. This paintball marker competes with the Invert Mini Gun, priced at $325. Dangerous Powers G5 Paintball Gun: The DP G5 paintball gun is made by Dangerous Powers. Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Etek 5 Paintball Gun — The 2015 / 2016 edition of the solid performing EGO paintball gun line. Service. At Eclipse we have endeavoured to build these features into every marker we have ever produced. Let’s take a look at what the Etha is all about. You can also upgrade the barrel, ASA and trigger.

Tournament paintball guns are generally used for speedball games but can also be used for woodsball and scenario play. Proto Matrix Reflex Rail Paintball Gun – The Proto Reflex Rail Paintball Gun is made by the Dye Matrix paintball company. Основная идея – дать начинающим игрокам и тем, кто ограничен бюджетом, отработанные на маркерах хай-энд решения за гораздо меньшие деньги. For when you simply cannot get hold of someone when you need them, there is always the hugely comprehensive printed manual, tool kit and spare parts bag to help tide you over. This means it has the longer control bore as well as being compatible with all other Shaft4 barrel accessories such as the Boost Kit and 16″ tip.

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